Estate Staging is a service unlike any other offered. We will not only arrange to have your loved one's possessions displaced in a matter you see fit, we will leave the house in it's most appealing condition to be placed on the market. The property is usually completed in the four steps outlined below. Due to the nature of the service, a varied completion time line will be discussed with each client.


A representative from A CLEAN SLATE will walk with you, the client, through each room of the house making detailed notes and tagging each item with their destination. Working with the client, we will develop a time line and schedule for the property to be completed.

A CLEAN SLATE reserves the right to refuse business from anyone who we believe is not the executor of the estate and/or responsible for the property. We ask that proof be given upon consultation in order to proceed with our services.


With our service partners, we will pack, remove, sort and deliver specified items to their chosen locations. Found personal items and items not documented will be left in a designated area for the client. 


Once, the organization of the property has been completed, A Certified Staging Professional will Showcase the property for maximum market potential. If the property is not to be sold, A CLEAN SLATE services will end with Sorting and Organizing. 


Upon the sale of the property, the items remaining from the showcasing will be removed and distributed as per request of the client.