A CLEAN SLATE Home Staging is completed in just three easy steps. The time it takes to   complete all three steps varies, however, A CLEAN SLATE recommends to
arrange a consultation as soon as you decide to sell your home. This will maximize the amount of time to get your property prepared for sale and minimize losing valuable time on the market. 


Certified Staging Consultant will evaluate your home room by room and provide you with either a verbal consultation or our Starting Fresh Consultation Package. Both offer detailed room by room recommendations and considerations. Our Exclusive Starting Fresh Consultation Package package also includes written and more detailed recommendations and considerations to improve your property's saleability as well as tips and tricks to help sell your home Fast!


Our Organizational team will help you to edit, de-clutter and prepare your home for showcasing. This "hands on" step will help give your home a Fresh  perspective and turn your home into a property ready for the market. 


Our team of Certified Staging Professionals will maximize your property's appeal with a Fresh and Simple look. Each room will be given a facelift that will unify the space and create a buyer friendly atmosphere.