Hamilton has a wealth of Agents, Brokers and Sales personelle. A CLEAN SLATE is proud to do business with the following agents in the Hamilton area. A CLEAN SLATE is always looking to building new relationships with agents in the area, should you be interseted in doing business with A CLEAN SLATE, please contact us at info@acleanslate.cc 

Together – Giving Back
Your referrals are a sincere compliment for which I am very grateful. 

Any SELLERS who contact myself through A CLEAN SLATE will recieve an offer for a reduced commission rate.

Any BUYERS who use my services to find a home or put in an offer, I will rebate 15% on any commission I earn 
(paid by the seller of the property - on closing) 

Finally, a portion of each sale will be donated to a Pet shelter/adoption
charity of your choice.

Susan Klement   Tel: 905-575-5478 or 905-807-3572

Also for anyone referred by you OR who comes through your website I will offer reduced commission rate's to Sellers. And to Buyers - if they use me to find them a home and/or put in their offers, I will give them a 15% rebate on any commission I earn (paid by seller of

property) on closing.