Fresh, Clean, Spring!


Starting Fresh  for autumn
has never been easier!

A CLEAN SLATE is making it easy to enjoy every minute of autumn by doing all the hard work for You!

Selling your home?
Our Home Staging Services will provide the peace of mind to know your home will sell fast. Our
Fresh and Easy Packages,
D.I.Y Pricing, and
Vacant Home Staging 
are specifically tailored to ensure Maximum R.O.I 
(Return On Investment)

Not Selling you Home? 

Our selection of Home Services will give your home a Fresh look that's a step above Spring Cleaning. The easiest way to a Fresh look is Home Organization. For an even Fresher look our [re]Desgin service is for you! 


 2 EXCLUSIVE services ONLY available with A CLEAN SLATE. 

 - Showcase any room in your house for only $25!

ESTATE STAGING - Helping families with the difficult task of finalizing and                         distributing their loved one's possessions. 

Starting [autumn] Fresh  has never been this Easy!


Christopher A. Climie CCSP

Principal Staging Consultant

Office: 289 389 6079
Cell: 647 297 4642 
Email: Christopher@acleanslate.cc